Seth Gershenson

Working Papers

  • Gershenson, Seth, Hart, Cassandra M. D., Lindsay, Constance A., & Papageorge, Nicholas. 2017. The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers. [IZA Discussion Paper No. 10630]

  • Birdsall, Christopher, Seth Gershenson, and Raymond Zuniga. Stereotype Threat, Role Models, and Demographic Mismatch in an Elite Professional School Setting. 2016. [IZA Discussion Paper No. 10459]

  • Papageorge, Nicholas, Seth Gershenson, and Kyungmin Kang. Teacher Expectations Matter. 2016. [IZA Discussion Paper No. 10165]

  • Holt, Stephen B., and Seth Gershenson. The Impact of Teacher Demographic Representation on Student Attendance and Suspensions. [IZA Discussion Paper No. 9554]

  • Chu, Yu-Wei Luke, and Seth Gershenson. 2016. High Times: The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Student Time Use. [IZA Discussion Paper No. 9887]

  • Ellis, Jimmy R., and Seth Gershenson. 2016. LATE for the Meeting: Gender, Peer Advising, and College Success. [IZA Discussion Paper No. 9956]

  • Hayes, Michael, and Seth Gershenson. The Estimation of summer Learning Rates. [December 2014 Working Paper]

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